Simi Valley, CA - Flume Internet, a leading provider of gigabit fiber optic internet services, is thrilled to announce its latest expansion into the open access market of Simi Valley, California. In partnership with the city of Simi Valley, and an infrastructure provider, Flume Internet is set to offer unparalleled internet speeds and reliability to both residential and business customers across the city.

Simi Valley has been at the forefront of technological advancements in Ventura County, and the introduction of Flume Internet's state-of-the-art fiber optic internet service marks a significant leap forward. In collaboration with the city of Simi Valley, Flume Internet will ensure that the infrastructure will be cutting-edge, designed to meet the ever-growing demand for faster and more reliable internet connections.

Residents and businesses in Simi Valley can look forward to a transformative internet experience, characterized by lightning-fast speeds, robust connectivity, and exceptional customer service. Flume Internet's fiber optic network is capable of supporting a wide range of digital activities, from high-definition streaming and online gaming to telecommuting and beyond, all without compromising on speed or quality.

Flume CEO Prashanth Vijayandran had this to say about the upcoming launch:

“We’re so excited to finally be launching in Simi Valley! We’ve long looked at this market as a great opportunity to bring gigabit internet to folks who need it the most. Thousands of residents in Southern California already use Flume, so we’re very excited to extend our service to the residents of Simi Valley.”

The citywide deployment of Flume Internet's fiber optic network is a testament to Simi Valley's commitment to fostering a digitally inclusive community. Flume has partnered with Sifi Networks as the local infrastructure provider. This initiative not only enhances the city's appeal as a place to live and work but also supports local economic growth by attracting new businesses and facilitating innovation.

Flume Internet is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting development. We are dedicated to providing Simi Valley with a reliable, fast, and accessible internet service that meets the needs of the modern digital world. Installation appointments are now available on our website, and we invite the community to join us in embracing the future of Internet connectivity. Simi Valley residents who sign up are also eligible to receive lifetime pricing, a free month of internet, and a free router, as a special launch promotion.

For more information on Flume Internet's services in Simi Valley or to schedule your installation, please visit our website.

About Flume Internet:

Flume Internet is a premier provider of gigabit fiber optic internet services, offering the fastest and most reliable internet experience to communities across North America. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Flume Internet is committed to connecting the future, one city at a time.



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Flume Internet Simi Valley

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